What is different about DAS?

A resource you can count on. Expertise you can trust. Service that saves you precious time.

As a specialized boutique firm, we spend more time understanding the intricate needs of our clients, working to uncover what is necessary beyond the job description to provide you with top quality candidates or resources, who will contribute to help you meet your goals.

We take the time to see the company as a whole, from every possible angle, considering the full responsibilities of the position, the culture, the potential for career development and advancement within the company, benefits, and other skill sets desired so that we can properly and accurately market our client and the role.

Our technology recruiters are flexible, thoughtful and methodical. Their approach to finding the right resource to precisely meet the needs of every client-partner ensures no time is wasted and every person we provide adds significant value.

Technology recruiters invested in your success

We have the tenured technology recruiters who possess a vast and deep knowledge of the evolving tech industry. Over the course of nearly three decades of service, we have built far-reaching and focused networks and databases containing thousands of qualified candidates. DAS also minimizes clients' costs by providing extensive background checks, drug screening as needed, and offering employee benefits such as health, dental, and 401k plans.

The future is what WE make it. Our technology recruiters are ready to help.