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finding your next career

Marketing your value and your potential contribution is what we do. DAS Enterprises Technology recruitment cares.

The technology recruitment experts at DAS Enterprises have almost 30 years of diverse and expansive industry knowledge covering every vertical in tech. Our approach and the diversity of our experience provide a unique advantage. We know every role and exactly what attributes candidates need, looking beyond the job description to provide a long-term and successful connection between candidate and client.

DAS is a specialized firm, and we use this advantage to dedicate more time in understanding the needs of the candidate. We are committed to getting to know you, what motivates you, why you are seeking new opportunities, and we work with you to narrow down a position that best fits your skillset. We can guide you in your next steps of career development, ensuring that we learn about your goals, personality and what kind of culture is most likely going to contribute to your success.

Work with us. Grow with us. We can help you find a career path that fits you.

Our employees can trust that their happiness and growth is our priority. Our primary goal is to foster long-term relationships that extend beyond being hired, where each candidate is treated as an individual, not a number. Technology recruitment and staffing may be our business, but our passion is people.

We believe what you put in, you tend to get out, and nowhere is that more relevant and true in how you treat people. DAS Enterprises offers competitive employee benefits such as health, dental and 401k plans—resources that enable a better, healthier and happier life-work balance.

The future is what WE make it. Our technology recruitment professionals can help you find your place.